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Welcome to House Marshall

This is the website for Kandy and Joe Fling, known in the SCA make that a link as Lady Elizabet and Lord John Marshall atte Forde.

We have both posted information on Arts and Sciences work we have done

To see John Marshall's page, go here

John's Blog is located at Flour Yeast Salt

John's Laurel maintains a website -- to see that, go here

To see Elizabet Marshall's page, go Here. This website includes links for my References Booklet and my Museums artcicle.

Elizabet has two blogs: A Study in Textiles, mostly about historic and SCA fiber work and Shuttle and Needle, mostly about modern fiber work.

Those websites will be updated regularly as we get material onto them. Remember to hit Refresh when you visit!

This website is maintained by Kandy Fling. If you have comments or questions, feel free to email at